Hillary Clinton Seems To Think She’s The Savior Of Woman-Kind

screenshot from youtube video

During a recent interview with Steve Harvey, failed Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton basically states that she’s “thrilled to have sparked the women’s movement”.

I mean, there are countless reasons why Clinton simply was not the right choice to be President and thankfully for us all we made our voices loud and clear when the time came.

Oh… I didn’t realize that you were alive during the suffrage era… my bad Clinton.

During the interview she stated… “You know I’ve been on a book tour and people have said I’ am never gonna take an election for granted. I’m gonna vote every single time there’s any possibility to do so. I’m gonna be out there on the streets protesting. I’m speaking up. I’m calling my member of Congress.’ This level of real commitment and energy is thrilling to me because we’ve got to take back our country and I think that’s the way we do it”

Harvey went on to ask her about getting kids involved. While voting is important and we should pass that down to our kids I felt like this piece was more of a “brainwashing” seminar than something real. She says “Rather than talking in the beginning to kids about you know Republicans, Democrats and our government and how it’s set up I think you talk about how real politics, with a small P, is how you make decisions with other people. How you listen to each other we have to work together and so I think starting with little kids and then as kids get older take them to vote”

Here are some of the worst things about Hillary Clinton:

Subversion of the judiciary

The progressive movement wants to use the judicial branch to advance the left’s political agenda. It’s a neat trick: Not only do you get the policy outcome you prefer, but you get it whether the voters like it or not, and it takes decades of sustained political effort to overturn it through appointments, if at all.


There’s no polite way to say this: Hillary Clinton is corrupt. There’s no other way to describe her speech-making and foundation fundraising from major corporations and foreign governments. In goes the cash. Out go the favors.


The alt-right has a proverb: “Cthulhu swims slowly, but he always swims left.” The idea is that the progressive movement always wins in the long run, and conservative victories are only rear-guard and temporary. Whether or not that is true, it has certainly been the case that the Cthulhu of executive branch authoritarianism has been swimming relentlessly in one direction since the 1990s.

(H/T The Week)