Here’s The Trump Ad Being Blackballed by Mainstream Media [VIDEO]

The mainstream media is censoring conservative speech to an outrageous degree and must be stopped. Their most recent outrage is their refusal to run an ad by President Trump, talking about the dangers of uncontrolled migration.

The ad is most effective, which is exactly why they don’t want it to see the light of day, calling it racist. But isn’t the promotion of illegal aliens over that of Black American citizens racist in nature and in deed? Of course, it is… But, that is why so many Blacks have deserted the Democratic party.

From The Daily Caller

Reporters are calling a recent campaign ad released by President Donald Trump “racist.”

The ad focuses on the migrant caravan and the porous southern border. It also includes footage of an illegal immigrant who murdered police officers and makes the case that Democrats will be letting more murders and killers into our country.

Reporters and anchors across a broad spectrum of news outlets have referred to Trump’s ad as “racist.” CNN, ABC, FOX News and Facebook have all banned the ad from running as a paid promotion.

It’s time to rein in the mainstream media, for the good of our country.

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