GOP Lawmaker Launches Investigation Against FBI Over Flynn Charges

Rep Mark Meadows says there is a good reason to believe that FBI forms were altered in the Gen Michael Flynn case in order to charge him with a crime. Meadows says that IG Horowitz confirmed that his office is looking into that very thing right now and he plans to call the primaries in that interrogation to see whether 312s were changed to the detriment of Flynn.

Meadows said: “Justice should be meted out evenly, and yet we’re finding that evidence could have been tampered with.” – “I brought this up with the inspector general the other day.  Some of those key witnesses will be asked to appear before House Oversight.” – “We’re not going to yield until we get an answer.”

From The Hill

Flynn pleaded guilty in December to lying to the FBI as part of special counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Meadows has been among the most vocal lawmakers in his criticism of the Justice Department and its handling of the Russia probe. He and other conservatives have eagerly pursued access to Justice Department documents.

While the conservative lawmakers have received thousands of documents from the agency, they say they have not been able to review key documents nor have they received as many documents as they’ve requested, leading to rising tensions between Republicans and federal officials.

Rumors have persisted for a while that McCabe had either changed the 302s himself or ordered agents to do it. What proof of either of those scenarios we don’t know but Meadows says that he and his fellow committee members have seen evidence to that effect but did not elaborate what that evidence is. Tampering with a 302 is a felony can result in serious prison time.