Fusion GPS Now Doubting Major Dossier Detail

One the biggest and most unbelievable rumors generated by the Trump Dossier during the 2016 presidential election was that where it was claimed that Donald Trump watched prostitutes perform a routine known as a “golden shower” on a bed once occupied by then-President Barack Obama back in 2013.

What’s worse, they claimed this happened under the watch of hidden cameras placed in the room. Of course, it’s time for them to flip-flop on even that little “detail” as they themselves are now doubting the validity of this claim.

They allegedly doubted from the very beginning but despite this, Christopher Steele included the “golden shower” scenario in his “report” — a report we know has set off a huge series of events and investigations.

As reported by Bryon York for The Washington Examiner:

Even amid the various allegations of Trump-Russia connections, it was the “golden showers” episode that most excited those involved in the Clinton campaign-funded effort to find Russian dirt on Trump. It was the story that most excited those in the Obama administration who learned about it. (According to a new book, former national security adviser Susan Rice urged Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to “tell Obama about the ‘golden showers’ allegation.”) At the same time, it deeply disturbed Trump. And, of course, it excited the ranks of Trump resisters on Twitter and elsewhere who long for video evidence; just look up #peepeetape.

According to Glenn Simpson, the Fusion GPS opposition researcher who commissioned the dossier, Steele felt the hotel sex allegation was devastating because it could lead to blackmail of a U.S. presidential candidate.

When Simpson and Steele discussed whether the information should be given to the FBI, Steele pointed to the possibility of blackmail over the alleged hotel incident as the reason to contact the bureau. “His concern … is whether or not there was blackmail going on, whether a political candidate was being blackmailed or had been compromised,” Simpson told the Senate Judiciary Committee last year. “He honed in on this issue of blackmail as being a significant national security issue.”

Senate investigators asked Simpson why Steele felt Trump might be vulnerable to blackmail. “The alleged incident that’s described here,” Simpson said, referring to the hotel allegation. “It’s well known in intelligence circles that the Russians have cameras in all the luxury hotel rooms and there are memoirs written about this by former Russian intelligence agents. … So that’s what I’m referring to. That’s what [Steele] is referring to.”

So, motivated specifically by the “golden showers” story, Steele took the dossier to the FBI — and the rest is history.

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