Former Special Counsel Posts Doctored Video of AG Barr [VIDEO]

Former special counsel, New York University law professor Ryan Goodman, posted a doctored video of AG Bill Barr. Goodman, a Democrat was just following the party playbook, “Never tell the truth when a lie is more damning.”

According to Goodman when Barr went on “CBS This Morning”, he contradicted himself. Of course he didn’t if you watched the unedited version. Of course if he had, there would have been no need to doctor the video.

Goodman tweeted: “Barr vs. Barr May 1 to Congress: ‘We accepted the Special Counsel’s legal framework for purposes of our analysis … in reaching our conclusion’ May 31 to CBS: ‘We didn’t agree with … a lot of the legal analysis in the Report … So we applied what we thought was the right law.’”

From The Conservative Tribune

While the video may not have been edited by Goodman, it is clear he failed to read the transcript of Barr’s interview, in which he would have discovered the missing words from the interview. Instead, Goodman quoted Barr as the video portrayed his interview and ended his sentence at the word “law.”

Hart tweeted, “This is an outright intentional misrepresentation of what Barr said yesterday. The period at the end is an intentional lie designed to fool the masses who won’t actually read the transcript.”