Former ISIS Fighters Offered Refuge In U.K. Despite A Looming Threat Against The Royal Family

Despite all the report that has come in which essentially state that ISIS is all but over, they have managed to issue a threat toward the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their eldest son, Prince George.

According to The Daily Wire the threat as part of a larger encrypted message on the app Telegram which read, “even the Royal Family will not be left alone,” under a photo of Prince George outside of his primary school in Battersea, London. Under the picture, an ISIS lackey printed the words, “school starts early.”

To add insult to that injury… former ISIS fighters from Syria are being offered housing in The United Kingdom, all on the taxpayers’ dime.

It’s being seen as a “bribe” to “resist killing infidels” — did I really just have to type that?

“Terror suspects including jihadis returning from fighting in Syria are to be offered taxpayer-funded homes, counseling and help to find jobs to stop them carrying out attacks in Britain,” reports The Daily Mail. 

As reported by Amanda Prestigiacomo for The Daily Wire:

As noted by The Sun, the absurd program of wishful appeasement comes as the U.K. lives in fear of embedded fanatics in their society “slipping through the cracks” of MI5. The recent Manchester bombing is just one example of such an intelligence failure.

“Agencies are now worried up to 20,000 former ‘subjects of interest’ that have been monitored in the past could be plotting new atrocities and the nationwide scheme will target these suspected radicals,” reports The Sun.

As you might suspect, the program has been widely ridiculed by people who maintain some semblance of sanity.

“You can’t bribe people not to be terrorists,” stated terrorism expert and Buckingham University Professor Anthony Glees.

“This sounds like a reward for being on a list of potential terrorists. You can’t buy people’s loyalty to this country,” said Tory Member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen.