Forbes: The GOP Has Become A Dangerous Cult

Chris Ladd over at Forbes, as well as a former GOP Precinct Committeeman, suggests that the GOP to a dangerous cult comparing it to the likes of Heaven’s Gate cult of the 1990s.

In his article, he makes some rather unusual claims mostly formed around how some, perhaps many, Republicans still back Roy Moore for Alabama.

Of course in his article, he makes no mention whatsoever to the numerous shady and seedy goings of the DNC and the democratic party. That’s not to say that I want us to be like “oh yeah well BILL CLINTON DID THIS” sort of behavior — my heavens, never.

But the fact of the matter is that while we could cover A LOT of liberals we’ll just look at Hollywood on the whole. Most of these elites of the Hollywood swamp are what? Liberals, Democrats, alt-left… even Weinstein was known to donate to SEVERAL democratic-based causes.

And I like to think that for the most part, us conservatives are willing to call out “the bad guys” on our side. but we’re also able to recognize that what’s in the past is in the past — honestly and specifically meaning Trump’s “grab’em” comment some 10 years ago. Weinstein, on the other hand, many of the allegations are rather recent.

I don’t know… it’s apples and oranges but it’s something to think about I guess.

But seriously, if you want to see cult-like behavior go look at your own (presumably) party, Chris.

Pieces from the Forbes article below that I found most ridiculous:

Republican Roy Moore, removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for his erratic behavior and banned from the mall for harassing teenage girls, has cloaked his campaign for the Senate in the language of “spiritual warfare.” As such, he is the most apt representative of the Republican Party in our age of cult politics. Moore is pitching himself as God’s candidate and his voters are slopping it up like poisoned applesauce. The party of “family values” is about to send a known sexual predator to the Senate because God wants them to. This would be startling, except they already used the same reasoning to put a known sexual predator in the White House.


Nothing in traditional Republican thought made this descent into madness inevitable. In fact, most of what passes for current Republican orthodoxy contradicts the party’s ideological heritage. Just twenty-five years ago, when Roy Moore was trolling the sidelines at homecoming for sweet young things, he was a member of the Democratic Party. At the same time, Elizabeth Warren was a Republican. Something happened, and it had nothing at all to do with the traditional priorities of the Republican or Democratic parties.


How did the Republican Party became a dangerous cult? Desperate to halt a terrifying tide of social transformation, the political heirs of Jim Crow flooded into the weak and nearly empty infrastructure of the Southern GOP. Men like Alabama’s Roy Moore and Texas’ Rick Perry were the last generation of white Southern men to begin their careers as Democrats. The flight of millions of Dixiecrats into the GOP shifted the balance of power inside the party nationwide. Their fear-soaked, delusional fervor converted that institution from a conventional political party into a white nationalist cult. The Party of Lincoln now exists to help Neo-Confederates win the Civil War politically, long after losing it on the battlefield.


By all accounts, the members of the Heaven’s Gate cult were nice people who avoided harming others. They kept their sickness inside their ranks. By contrast, Republicans are forcing an entire country, and to a certain extent the world, to choke down their poisoned applesauce. It is possible to see in Marshall Applewhite a suffering soul, tormented by mental illness, who drew a small number of similarly troubled individuals into his fatal orbit (pardon the pun). It is increasingly difficult to extend the same sympathy to nice people like Paul Ryan. We don’t look back at Pol Pot or Jefferson Davis as “troubled souls” because the scale of the harm they inflicted obscures any sympathy. Those who survive the poison will one day look back on Republicans of this era with a similar disgust.

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