FLASHBACK: Hillary Said She and Obama Wanted to Strengthen Russia [VIDEO]

Back in 2010, Hillary Clinton appeared on Russian TV and told the host that the United States wanted to make it easier for Russians to come to the US on open-ended visits and hoped that Americans could do the same in Russia. That is a little disturbing because open-ended means no time limit.

They could come and stay for as long as they liked. The host then said that many people think that the United States wanted to weaken Russia, Hillary said that them opposite was true and that she and Obama wanted a strong Russia. Does that sound treasonous to you? If you condemn President Trump for not yelling at Putin and you call that treason, then strengthening Russia must be industrial strength treason. No?

From The Daily Wire

“Well, we want to encourage a lot more travel and a lot more exchanges,” Clinton responded. “As we move forward and we get more experience between our two countries and facilitating business travel, tourism travel, education travel, every kind of travel, I think it will become, at least I hope, easier and easier.”

“Many of our businesses want to have their business leaders come and have open-ended visas and similarly a lot of Russians want to be able to come and have as much time as they need,” Clinton continued. “That’s what I would like to work towards.”

“One of the fears that I hear from Russia is that somehow the United States wants Russia to be weak,” Clinton added. “That could not be farther from the truth. Our goal is to help strengthen Russia.”

“In a 2010 interview on Russian television, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the Obama administration wanted travel and business to increase between Russia and America and that the Obama administration wanted to “help strengthen Russia.” ”

Obama bent over backward to appease most two-bit dictators but he bent over forward to make it easy for Vladimir to Put in. (Not an error)

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