Female Member Of ISIS Speaks Out About What SICK Thing She Loved Most

The woman, known only as Hajer, who is 25 years old, decided to leave ISIS and give a detailed account of her experiences there…. and even says that British female jihadists are the best “torturers”. She joined the all-female ISIS team Al-Khansaa in 2014 – a group so disgusting that experts have compared them to Hitler’s Gestapo.

“I enjoyed it, I enjoyed torturing Syrian women – especially when their fathers or husbands were there,” Hajer said.


As reported by Daily Mail:

‘You know, Europeans are more sadistic and violent than the others. For example, the British female fighters boast of brutal torture. The one who used the “biting” tool is British – pure British. She was known as Um Salama.’

The ‘biting’ tool has been reported as a favorite among senior members of Al-Khansaa.

Hajer reveals that the British-born female jihadists would use a ‘biter’, reportedly able to inflict pain ‘worse than childbirth’.  Pictured is a similar looking plier

The tool has been described as a device similar to a hunting trap – a metal clamping jaw with sharp teeth that cut into the flesh of the victim.

Hajer also revealed that she witnessed the torture and murder of a Jordanian army pilot whose brutal execution shocked the world.

Muath Al-Kasasbeh was captured after his F-16 fighter jet crashed near Raqqa on Christmas Eve 2014.

In January 2015, ISIS released a horrific video showing the 26-year-old being burned alive in a cage.

‘I still remember how Um Salama and Um Rayan tortured him. It was the most brutal torturing I have ever seen.’

ISIS has lost an estimated 90 percent of its territory in Iraq and 85 percent in Syria as a result of military campaigns, some of them backed by Western forces.

After US-backed offensives, ISIS is all but wiped out in Raqqa, the city they once called their ‘capital’.

At one time, the group held around half of Syria, much of it uninhabited desert, but today it controls just 15 percent,