Federal Agent Facing Trial Over Romantic Relationship With Terror Suspect

Leatrice Malika De Bruhl-Daniels is facing federal charges in Houston for hampering an investigation into a terror suspect. The agent fed the terror suspect information about the ongoing investigation by the FBI of the Syrian businessman Nadal Diya, who has been charged with using fake travel documents. The FBI has a couple of love notes that De Bruhl sent to Diya.

“I can’t stop thinking about…you. I haven’t slept for days. I’m deeply attracted to you and I can’t think about you like that. Don’t worry, I will still fight for your visa situation as much as I can.”

“I don’t want to think u hv lied to me since I put my neck out there for u.”

From The Houston Chronicle

De Bruhl-Daniels, 45, a career federal law enforcement officer from the suburbs of Washington, D.C., is now facing federal charges in Houston of hampering the FBI’s counterterrorism investigation of 46-year-old Nadal Diya, and Diya has been charged with using fake travel documents. Both face a mid-December trial date that is likely to be postponed.

Prosecutors are seeking extradition of Diya, who is free on bond in Toronto, on charges that he used fraudulent Guatemalan and Argentinian passports in Texas and Louisiana. Three other co-defendants, in Houston and Montgomery County, also face prosecution for passport and tax fraud.

De Bruhl-Daniels met Nadal Diya while she was stationed in the United Arab Emirates as a special agent with the NCIS. During their affair, she provided him warnings that he was being investigated as a possible terrorist and could be arrested, according to court documents.

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