FBI Lied, as Shown in Mueller’s 302 Report. Claim to Have Notified Flynn, This May Prove They Didn’t

By now, everyone in America is aware that Comey and McCabe set up an ambush for Michael Flynn. That much we know for certain. Mueller just released the original 302 from the interview with Gen Michael Flynn.

But the original 302 makes the false claim that Gen Flynn understood that he was the target of the interview. That is a total lie if that is the real 302 they produced. Flynn was even assured that there was no reason for him to have a lawyer present.

If Flynn knew what he was in for, he would have had his lawyer right beside him.

From The Gateway Pundit

FOX News attorney Gregg Jarrett and investigative reporter Sara Carter joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Hannity on Monday night to discuss the FBI 302 report on Michael Flynn that was released on Monday.

Judge Emmet Sullivan will sentence General Michael Flynn on Tuesday.

On Monday night Judge Emmet Sullivan demanded Special Counsel Robert Mueller to release the original 302 report from the Michael Flynn interrogation in January 2017.

Sara Carter pointed out the Special Counsel open their 302 report with a proven lie.

The FBI agents said Michael Flynn was advised of the “nature of the interview.”
This is a complete lie. They hid the nature of the purpose of their discussion and even told General Flynn that he would not need an attorney present. They stopped by and joked with Flynn as he took them on a tour of his office. He had NO IDEA the nature of the interview. He had no idea it was a setup to destroy him.