FBI: Antifa Tried to Buy Guns From Mexican cartel to Attack Americans

I have always held that Antifa should be listed as a terror organization and this backs up my prior opinion. The FBI is currently investigating Antifa and their attempt to buy guns from a Mexican cartel in order to stage an attack on the border.

I wonder if any of the guns they were trying to buy were from Fast and Furious. Antifa is denying the reports but their credibility is shot, so even if they were innocent, who would believe them? Even after this revelation came out, Joe Biden and Chris Cuomo took their side and called them heroes.

Had they attacked the border, I’m sure they would still be playing that tune.

From The Conservative Tribune

When the ludicrously misnamed “antifa” group — self-proclaimed anti-fascists who hypocritically embrace fascist tactics — first emerged on the scene as troublemakers in 2016/2017, they were held up as heroes by the left. On the center and right of the ideological spectrum, there were many who suggested the violent group should be labeled as a domestic terror organization.

The violent antifa protesters seemed to drop below the radar of media attention in 2018. However, a new report just emerged which alleges that the group was quietly at work making preparations to reemerge on the scene with a bang, so to speak, as they plotted an armed attack against U.S. Border Patrol and immigration officials at the southern border.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that it obtained a copy of an FBI document detailing an alleged plot discovered in December 2018 between antifa operatives and an associate of a Mexican drug cartel. The plot involved an effort to illegally obtain firearms from the cartel that would be used in an armed attack and “rebellion” at the border against U.S. border agents.