Ex-Boyfriend of 3rd Kavanaugh Accuser Claims He Has Proof She is Lying

Richard Vinneccy, told Politico, “She’s not credible. Not at all.” In fact, he says he has knowledge that what she is saying about Kavanaugh is a lie but he wants to speak with his lawyer before releasing it. But one thing he knows about her is that when he broke up with her, she threatened him and his family, causing him to get a restraining order against her.

She sounds really stable to me. How about you? Vinneccy and Swetnick had dated for four years and then he decided to break it off and she began making violent threats against him.

From The Daily Caller

Swetnick, who is being represented by Michael Avenatti, sent a declaration to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday claiming that she attended house parties in the early 1980s where she saw Kavanaugh mistreating women and spiking their drinks.

She also claimed that she was gang raped at a party in 1982 where Kavanaugh was present. She did not accuse the judge of taking part in the attack, but she said she saw Kavanaugh at other parties lined up outside of a door with other boys waiting to gang rape women.

Swetnick, a web designer who lives in Washington, D.C., was three grades ahead of Kavanaugh. She had graduated high school when she says the incidents took place. Kavanaugh, who denies the allegations, would have been between 15 and 18 years old. 

Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, is refusing to allow her to do interviews. Is that because he is scared that she will have to answer tough questions about her past or that she will contradict herself? Possibly a little of both.