Ellison Says That Democrats Could Impeach Trump’s SCOTUS Judges [VIDEO]

I don’t know if Keith Ellison is the male version of Maxine Waters or whether Maxine Waters is the female version of Keith Ellison, Louis Farrakhan’s good buddy. Ellison is on a new kick saying that Democrats could impeach Gorsuch and or Kavanaugh. They can’t.

That is unless they can prove they have committed a crime or are rife with corruption. In fact, a Supreme Court Justice could commit serious crimes and not be impeached for it theoretically. If the justice were mentally ill, he could not be found guilty of a crime because he or she would not know any better.

From Breitbart News

DNC Deputy chair Keith Ellison told attendees at a Supreme Court Community Forum in Minneapolis Monday that Democrats could theoretically impeach Supreme Court justices if the party regains a majority following the 2018 midterm elections.

A partial transcript follows: 

ATTENDEE #1: Assuming the Democrats retake the House and Senate in November. Would the first matter of business to be to the separation of powers, is there any possibility that the legislative branch will remove a Supreme Court justice? I know it’s constitutionally possible. I also know it’s never been done.

ELLISON: You have to find some evidence, of like, corruption, something like that.

ATTENDEE #2: Unless you could find evidence that someone was corrupt or potentially out of there mind or something, it would be very inappropriate. I don’t out of my mind, I just disagree with you really, I think that would be really inappropriate and a real threat to judicial independence. I think once someone is on the court, that’s basically it.

ELLISON: I will say that there have been no court judges that have been impeached. And I will say there were some things that came up with Justice Thomas that were very concerning to me in terms of his impartiality, so I agree that it could theoretically happen.

So, he is even suggesting that Clarence Thomas could be a target. The Democrats keep giving the Republicans ammunition to drive their base to the polls. Thanks, guys.

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