DOJ IG Finds Massive Corruption Against FBI Agent…Will Not Prosecute

James Bond had a license to kill and apparently the FBI agents have a license to steal. The IG of the DOJ released a report on a Supervisory Special Agent, whom he refused to name.

Michael Horowitz’s findings are that the SSA did work with contractors and was paid money for his help. He also made false representations, withheld from his disclosure forms the money he was paid by the contractor, accepting bribes from an FBI applicant and the misuse of his car and cellphone. You would think they’d be measuring him for a prison cell, but you’d be wrong

The SSA was allowed to retire, collect his pension and will not have to face charges.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Office of Inspector General released its findings of misconduct of an FBI Supervisory Special Agent on Tuesday.

According to the OIG, the Supervisory Special Agent, who was not named, was found making false representations, working for an FBI contractor, accepting gifts from an FBI applicant, assisting the FBI applicant in the employment selection process and misusing a government vehicle and cell phone.

The Inspector General said the SSA resigned during the course of the investigation after the OIG sought to interview the SSA.

The Special Agent violated federal law and was caught exchanging sexually explicit text messages on his government cell phone — SHOCKER.

“The OIG investigation substantiated that the SSA violated federal law or regulation in making false representations related to two mortgage loans and filing false annual financial disclosure forms by not reporting income received from the contractor. The OIG investigation also substantiated that the SSA violated federal law or regulations, and the FBI ethics policies, by working for a contractor that was currently under contract with the FBI, accepting gifts from an applicant for the FBI employment and assisting the applicant in the selection process, misusing the SSA’s government vehicle by allowing family members to ride in the vehicle, and exchanging sexually explicit text messages on the SSA’s government cell phone,” the OIG report read.


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