Disgusting Admission By Hairdresser Has Many On Edge

Daryll Rowe, a 26-year-old hair dresses in Brighton, England has been accused of knowingly infecting partners with HIV, and the dude even bragged about it!

And California thinks not having to reveal this sort of information is a good idea?

Rowe denies infecting the four victims that have come forward but apparently has tried infecting six more people.  The jury at Lewes Crown Court heard testimony from one of Rowe’s victims in which Rowe allegedly said, “I ripped the condom. Burn. I got you.”

As reported by DailyMail.co.uk:

In the days after they met Rowe called the man and laughed down the phone as he told him he had sabotaged the condom.

The alleged victim claims he was horrified as he had insisted Rowe wear a condom believed the pair had engaged in safe sex.

Weeks later he began to suffer from a sore throat, swollen glands, and fatigue and later tested positive for HIV.

Rowe, who is originally from Edinburgh but was living in Brighton at the time, denies infecting four men with the virus and attempting to infect a further six men with the virus.


Rowe told the second victim he preferred unprotected sex without a condom, but the man replied: ‘No, I don’t do that,’ the court heard.

Rowe replied: ‘Come on, come on. I’m fine you know you want it,’ the jury was told.

When the alleged victim refused he said: ‘That’s fine I’ll use a condom.’


The 26-year-old sent a text message to one victim saying: ‘Maybe you have the fever coz I came inside you and I have HIV LOL. Whoops!’

Rowe had been diagnosed with HIV while he was still living in Edinburgh in April 2015 after a sexual health clinic contacted him to tell him a former partner was infected.

Doctors found he was ‘coping well’ with his diagnosis but were concerned when he refused vaccination for common illnesses HIV positive patients are susceptible to, such as pneumonia.

They were also worried when he refused antiretroviral drugs to slow the development of the virus and make him less contagious, jurors heard.