Democratic Senator Outsourced Part of Russia Investigation to Man With Close Ties to Feinstein and Soros

An unnamed Democratic Senator outsourced part of the Russia investigation to a close confidant of both Dianne Feinstein and George Soros. Seven liberal billionaires gave Daniel Jones $50 million dollars after Trump’s election to continue to investigate collusion between Trump and Russia. One of those billionaires is George Soros.

On what planet does that Democratic Senator think that was an ethical move? He probably doesn’t. The unnamed Senator should be named. Jones worked for Dianne Feinstein in her Senate office, so she is as always a suspect. The good news is that even with $50 million at his disposal, Jones still can’t find any collusion.

From The Daily Caller

Allegations about Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization first surfaced in an Oct. 31, 2016, article published by Slate’s Franklin Foer. The article alleged that servers for the two companies were secretly communicating with each other, possibly as part of a back-channel communications system related to the election.

The article received heavy criticism from cybersecurity experts and tech reporters who said the server communications appeared to have an innocent explanation, such as spam or mass marketing email traffic.

According to The New Yorker, a handful of Democrats pursued the Alfa Bank theory. One was Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence panel. A second Democratic senator was also exploring the angle, and approached Jones.

But The New Yorker article also raises questions about why Democrats would seek out Jones to conduct an investigation into the servers’ activities.

The Democrats are not even hiding their unethical and possibly illegal actions. They are deathly afraid of President Trump and they think he can easily win reelection. They remember what Reagan did to them and they are trying to head Trump off at the pass.

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