CONFIRMED: Robert Mueller Committed Obstruction of Justice By Destroying Evidence

We have always known that Robert Mueller was a dirty cop, but now we know he actually committed a felony. The story began when Mueller claimed that Strzok/Page texts were wiped out after he fired Peter Strzok.

But new evidence proves that Mueller wiped out the texts while Strzok was still working for him. Destroying evidence is a crime. Lisa Page’s phone went missing for a year and by time Mueller “found” it, all text messages had been scrubbed. It is very likely that some of those 19,000 text messages were damning.

From The Gateway Pundit

Newly uncovered information now shows that the reason that the texts on Strzok’s phone were erased is not because he was fired.  Strzok’s texts were erased before he was fired!

The OIG report (p. 38) stated that Strzok was removed from the Mueller team on August 27, 2017.  However, ABC reported that Strzok was removed from the Mueller team sometime before August 16, 2017.  It’s likely that Strzok’s phone was cleaned of all text messages before August 27th, and therefore before he was fired.

It’s now clear that the FBI, DOJ and the Mueller gang clearly wanted what was on the phones erased so no one could see what was on them.

There is no way that the obstruction of justice and deleting of text messages could have been an honest mistake after Strzok worked for Mueller.  The texts were deleted before he left the Mueller team!

Rudy Giuliani told reporters Buck Sexton and John Solomon that Robert Mueller should be investigated for the destruction of this evidence.  Rudy is right.  Mueller is one of the most corrupt players in Washington DC today.