Are Your Christmas Packages Being Stolen? Here’s An EXPLOSIVE Idea! [Video]

Have you or someone you know ever had a Christmas package left on their porch, notified it was delivered, then it’s just not there? You’re not alone… it happens to the best of us.

Need an idea about how to discourage that sort of crap? Well… meet Tom.

Tom was sick and tired of his packages being stolen, so he decided to do something about it. He set up an ingenious prank and a hidden camera.

Tom wasn’t alone. The entire neighborhood he lives in is simply fed up with this crap from happening. But no matter what, the thief or thieves couldn’t be identified.

Revenue is often said to be sweet but in Tom’s case, it was explosive, stinky, and GROSS!

He created a special package just for their neighborhood thief that would burst open 40 seconds after being moved and essentially combined 4-day old poop. Though not in real-time, he at least had a hidden camera set up to watch!

The best part has got to be the split-screen where we watch the reaction of Tom and two others as they hope to catch a glimpse of whoever.


Watch as the bad guy strolls up to the porch, without a care in the world. He grabs the package and slowly walks back to the car. I kept waiting for it to go off THEN! but nope… the car pulls away and while we don’t get to see the explosion happen, we do get to see the aftermath.

Tom and his neighbors assumed that whoever it was, must be on foot. The hidden camera proved this to be wrong.


Their fears were cast aside though, as the car was almost out of the camera’s field of vision. Suddenly, the thief leaped out, and appeared to be sick, perhaps even vomiting!

Watch the hilarity for yourself! Bet this guy will think twice before stealing packages again.

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