So-Called Artist Collects Own Urine In Preparation To Create Anti-Trump Sculpture [Video]

Cassil, a transgender artist, has been collecting pee for nearly a year now and has plans to turn the yellow gold into some sorta sculpture to protest President Trump…

Because what sane person never collects their own pee?

The amount of front butt juice became SO massive that Cassil’s partner “forced” the artist into refrigerating it all “off-site” at friends homes.

As reported by Paul Bois for The Daily Wire:

After Cassil collected her specimens, she then poured all 200 gallons of it into a storage tank that would preserve it for spectators to come and feast their eyes on piss. On the exhibit’s opening night, Cassil explained to The Huffington Post how she will be urinating into a bottle before an audience of curious spectators:

“I will be facing the sculpture on a very, very high [platform] — probably like 10 feet up in the air, so you’re not eye-line with my crotch. I’m looking down on you. And behind me, is a grid of the 262 orange 24-hour urine capture bottles I used and they create another cube. There’s one space left, which is the one final bottle. So for the two hours of the exhibition opening, I will literally just be standing up there and pissing into the bottle if I have to piss. And at the end of the performance I will climb down and I will dump the urine into the cube and I will place that final bottle on the shelf. So it’s really about closing this piece down.”

The sculpture, aptly named “PISSED,” will be on display until October 28. She hopes that an art dealer will buy it and then place it near Trump Tower or install a fountain near the White House.


Anyway… here’s a video or something about the “project” and might I add wtf is wrong with people?!

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