California Farmer Registers His Guns Online, Then Gets Charged With a Dozen Felonies

California now demands you register every gun you have and you can do it right online. But, if you do so, you are touched in the head. A prestigious California farmer went online to register his guns like any law-abiding citizen might.

That was the beginning of his nightmare. Police showed up at his house one day with a search warrant and they confiscated all of his guns and placed him under arrest because they claim one of the guns was illegally modified. He has been charged with a dozen felonies and is facing some serious prison time for trying to obey the law.

From Defense Maven

Bakersfield, CA – A member of a prominent farming family was charged with a dozen weapons-related felonies, after he attempted to comply with California’s state-mandated gun registration laws.

According to court documents, Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann’s home was raided in April, after he attempted to register an AR-15 using the state of California’s website, KGET reported.

Kirschenmann is the CEO of Scott Kirschenmann Farms, Inc., which is one of the chief potato suppliers for Frito Lay.

According to court documents, the weapon was “illegally modified,” and served as grounds for the Department of Justice (DoJ) to raid Kirschenmann’s home.

It’s not immediately clear what the illegal modification was, but the rifle was presumably not in compliance with the recent bans

Investigators seized two “silencers,” 230 rounds of ammunition, and 12 firearms in the search, KGET reported.

On May 17, the district attorney’s office charged Kirschenmann with a dozen felony weapons-related charges.

He was subsequently released on $150,000 bond.

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