BUSTED: High Ranking Treasury Official Nailed for Passing Classified Documents to the Press

Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, a senior official at Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), was arrested for leaking SARS documents to a reporter at BuzzFeed. Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) are reports that show something unusual such as deposits over $10,000 or a series of deposits equaling over 10k.

Wealthier people and high-income earners will show a lot of SARS due just to the amount of money they handle. It does not necessarily mean they have broken any laws. There are other leaks that might end up as more leaks from Edwards.

This is going to cost Edwards a great deal of money and also her freedom. She revealed documents belonging to Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and Maria Butina, a Russian national indicted on charges of acting as an undercover Russian agent. All three can sue Edwards as well as the Department of the Treasury and BuzzFeed. Her pension is now gone. She is also prison worthy as is the BuzzFeed reporters and any editor who approved the articles. In fact it has been revealed that the BuzzFeed reporter requested specific documents, making conspiracy charges possible.

From The Daily Caller

According to the government complaint, which was filed in federal court in Manhattan, Edwards first met one of the reporters who wrote the BuzzFeed articles in July 2017. She began sharing “thousands” of banking records in October 2017, usually through encrypted messaging platforms.

She took photographs of some of the reports and sent them to the BuzzFeed reporter through encrypted messaging systems.

Prosecutors say that when questioned by investigators on Wednesday, Edwards “confessed that she had provided SARs to Reporter-1 via an encrypted application, though falsely denied knowing that Reporter-1 intended to or did publish that information through the News Organization.”

The government complaint also suggests that Edwards obtained some of the documents at the request of the BuzzFeed reporter, who is not identified in the complaint.

The Deep State just lost one of their own.