British Scholar’s Lawsuit Proves Spying on Trump Started 6 Months Earlier and Involved British Intelligence

British scholar, Svetlana Lokhova’s lawsuit against Obama spy, Stefan Halper exposes a major lie from James Comey and the FBI. The FBI has maintained that the investigation and spying on Trump occurred in July of 2016.

But Halper’s attempt to set up Flynn and Lokhova took place in January of 2016, a full 6 months before they admit it did. It also ties British intelligence into the coup attempt against President Trump but before he actually won the election. That could be the insurance policy Strzok and Page discussed.

The Deep State is getting spooked as more of their secrets are exposed.

From The Gateway Pundit

Russian historian Svetlana Lokhova broke her silence in April, stepped forward and claimed she was manipulated into entrapping Gen. Michael Flynn through FBI operative Stefan Halper.

Flynn was set up by the Obama deep state.  The FBI was out to set up Michael Flynn.

Russian historian Svetlana Lokhova spoke with reporter Catherine Herridge in April about how she was set up by FBI spy Stefan Halper.


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