BREAKING! The FBI Admits Using Several Spies on Carter Page

Carter Page must be the most innocent and law-abiding man alive today. We knew that the FBI and DOJ got four FISA warrants on him and that his phones were bugged and probably his email and other communications too. Now, we find out they several paid sources spying on him. And through all that, they don’t have a thing on him.

That in itself is amazing. How many people could say the same thing if they went through that for over a year? The FBI won’t say exactly how many or who or even how much they were paid for spying. Getting them to admit to multiple spies who were paid for their work is still remarkable.

From The Daily Caller

The U.S. government revealed in court filings Friday that the FBI used multiple confidential informants, including some who were paid for their information, as part of its investigation into former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“The FBI has protected information that would identify the identities of other confidential sources who provided information or intelligence to the FBI” as well as “information provided by those sources,” wrote David M. Hardy, the head of the FBI’s Record/Information Dissemination Section (RIDS), in court papers submitted Friday.

Hardy and Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys submitted the filings in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for the FBI’s four applications for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against Page. The DOJ released heavily redacted copies of the four FISA warrant applications on June 20, but USA Today reporter Brad Heath has sued for full copies of the documents.

Hardy’s declaration acknowledged that the confidential sources used by the FBI were in addition to Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the infamous anti-Trump dossier.

It seems like the more we know, the less we know. We knew they used spies but not how many or how much they got paid and more importantly, who they are.