Border Patrol Have Already Arrested Some Of The WORST In The Caravan

Democrats love to tell us that we have nothing to fear from the illegal caravans and that we have nothing to fear from them. But the arrest records do not back them up. Mexico has already deported or are about to deport 534 caravan members who have committed crimes of violence.

And this past week, the US Border Patrol picked up two child rapists, two killers, a member of the 18th Street gang and two MS-13 gang members. It’s likely that some of those were part of the caravan since MS-13 is from El Salvador, the country where the caravan started.

From The Conservative Tribune

“On the day before Thanksgiving, McAllen Station agents arrested a man who illegally crossed the border from Mexico near the town of Hidalgo, Texas. During processing at the station, agents discovered the man is a Honduran national and a confirmed member of the 18th Street Gang.

“Later that same day, other agents working near Hidalgo arrested a Salvadoran man who illegally crossed the border. Records showed that man is a confirmed Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang member.”

That wasn’t all. According to Brietbart, in Texas, Border Patrol agents apprehended a Mexican national near the town of Los Ebanso after he had been deported following an arrest and conviction in Tukwila, Washington, for child rape.

After a sentence of 41 months behind bars, the man was deported. He ended up back in the United States, no doubt just looking for a better life just like our forebears did.

This is exactly the reason why we need to know who wants to enter our country.

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