Shots Fired at Border Patrol Agents From the Mexican Side of the Border Feds Say

Border Patrol Agents say a group of men trying to cross the United States border near Laredo, Texas, when they were fired upon by unknown person or persons. One of the men in the group they spotted was carrying something that looked like a long gun.

That part of the border has no barrier of any kind. By opposing the protection of our borders, Democrats knowingly and with their eyes wide open are condoning actions such as these. They have decided that they hate this president more than they like Americans who live in their districts.

From Breitbart News

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents report being fired on by a gunman on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande on Sunday.

A February 20 statement provided to Breitbart News by Laredo Sector Border Patrol stated:

Sunday, U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo Sector were fired upon by unidentified individuals while on patrol near the Rio Grande river bank. While patrolling the river bank, agents observed a group of individuals across the river on the banks of Mexico, and were able to determine that one of them was carrying what appeared to be a long firearm.

Shortly after, the agents were fired upon and took cover. None of the agents were injured.

This section of the Texas-Mexico border has no physical barrier.

Officials stated that the FBI will join with CBP investigators and local authorities to investigate the shooting.

I believe that we owe it to the men and women of the Border Patrol to build a wall that will help protect them from the bad guys. Of course, Democrats disagree and want to see them abolished all together.

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