BOMBSHELL: FBI Investigated Trump as Russian Spy Because He Fired James Comey

For quite a while I felt that it would take a lot of work to restore the FBI to it’s former glory, but I was totally wrong. The FBI can’t be rehabilitated. It must be eliminated and a new agency formed.

The latest from the New York Times exposes the fact that the FBI opened an investigation into whether Donald Trump is a Russian secret agent. They started the investigation after President Trump fired James Comey

But, the Russians would never have wanted Comey fired, they want someone incompetent leading the FBI. Who better than Comey?

From The Gateway Pundit

The liberal media wants you to believe TRUMP is a foreign spy and that crooked James Comey is a hero.

The report reveals the Deep State FBI opened an investigation on President Trump after he fired James Comey in May 2017. The investigation was launched based on unverified rumors.

The New York Times admitted in their report that there is no evidence that the Trump campaign EVER had any contact with Russian government officials.

The New York Times buried this nugget in the 9th paragraph in their sensational report.

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