BOMBSHELL: DOJ gave the Orders That Prevented FBI Prosecution of Hillary

If you remember the July 5th press conference James Comey gave to exonerate Hillary, then you probably realize that he was very specific in saying that Hillary did not create a national security nightmare on purpose. That is very important because the Espionage ACT does not say it has to be intentional.

It makes provisions for people who are grossly negligent. Here is where it gets really corrupt. Bill Priestap got an email from the DOJ during the Hillary investigation. That email instructed him and the FBI to ignore gross negligence in investigating Clinton. The problem is, that is the very part of the statute she was guilty of.

Obviously, someone at the DOJ didn’t want Hillary charged with a crime. Loretta Lynch perhaps?

From The Daily Caller

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) reportedly instructed the FBI to ignore “gross negligence” as a reason for charging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server to conduct classified government business.

The direction might have enabled the DOJ to ensure a favorable outcome for the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email, the Epoch Times reported Monday regarding private testimony it says it has obtained.

Private congressional testimony discussed an email reportedly sent from a nameless individual in the FBI general counsel’s office to Bill Priestap, the bureau’s assistant director of counterintelligence. The correspondence dictated the “available statutes for prosecuting the former Secretary of State,” and these did not include “gross negligence,” according to the Epoch Times. 

Ryan Breitenbach, who was then the House majority counsel, expressed bewilderment that gross negligence was not included in the reasons for charging Clinton while the same criterion was utilized to issue a search warrant to gather information in the Clinton investigation.

Priestap replied that he could not say who sent the email or why the phrase “DOJ not willing to charge this” was inserted in the instructions.

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