Ben Carson Reveals Obama’s Revenge for Prayer Breakfast Speech

We always knew that Obama was a very small man with a total lack of morals. We witnessed so many examples of it over eight years that it is a no-brainer.

But, recently, Ben Carson decided to open up and explain what happened to him right after the prayer breakfast, where he ripped Obama a new one. He said that for the first time in his life, he was audited by the IRS. And this was after he retired. If he was being audited normally, he would have been audited while he was still making big money. But, we knew he weaponized the IRS in 2011, to help him win reelection.

From The Daily Caller

At an event in Birmingham, Ala. Monday night, former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson revealed that he had received a visit from the Internal Revenue Service following his much-noted remarks at a National Prayer Breakfast earlier this year.

“I had my first encounter with the IRS this year, unsurprisingly after the prayer breakfast,” Carson told an audience that at the annual Business Council of Alabama Chairman’s Dinner, according to a report from Cliff Sims of the Montgomery, Ala.-based Yellowhammer News.

Carson’s February speech made him a conservative darling for criticizing President Barack Obama’s 2010 health-care reform law, while Obama was sitting just a few feet away.

During the event, which also featured former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Carson spoke about the potential presidential candidacy of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. relations with Russia and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ben Carson is so squeaky clean, he passed the audit with flying colors. Obama thought he had him nailed because he believes everyone is as unethical as he is. Try as they might, it just won’t work… especially against a man such as Ben Carson.