ANTIFA Wannabes Attempt to Stir Up Migrants, Too Cowardly to Do It Themselves

BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) tried their best to get the migrants to attack the US border on Saturday, but the migrants refused, saying that these liberal groups have been lying to them.

BAMN called on the migrants to stage a violent attempt to cross the border, but just how many BAMN members were in attendance? Exactly none. They were willing to risk the migrant’s safety, but not their own. That’s because even though they are a domestic terror group, they have no spine. But, the migrants have caught on to their bilge they spew.

This week, BAMN told the refugees that Americans want them to come, which as we all know is a lie.

From Breitbart News

Human rights groups in Tijuana are sounding the alarm about a far left organization that is trying to agitate members of the migrant caravan into rushing the U.S. border again.

The group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) is calling for all migrants to gather on Saturday morning at one of the shelters and then to make their way to the U.S.  border, where they will demand it be opened for everyone or they will “shut it down.” In addition to posting the information on their website, BAMN members have taken to social media encouraging other protesters and members of the migrant caravan.

Some of the pamphlets being distributed on social media by BAMN appear to show images of the violent clashes between caravan members and Mexican authorities that took place last month on that country’s southern border with Guatemala.

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