Antifa Sprays Portland Police With Urine [VIDEOS]

Antifa is at it again in Portland thanks to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s absolute tolerance of the domestic terror group. He orders the police to stand down and they and the citizens of Portland are at the mercy of these thugs.

During the latest debacle, one member of the group got right up in the face of the police and mooned them as his co-thugs sprayed them with what is believed to be urine, which seems to be their favorite thing to do. Antifa has a new flag they march under. It’s the flag of the Democratic Socialists of America banner. That’s the party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

From The Gateway Pundit

Members from the Patriot Prayer Group in Portland held a “Him Too” rally in Portland on Saturday and they were met with hundreds of black-clad, masked Antifa thugs.

“Protest events are officially underway in Portland, as about 60-70 people march behind this Democratic Socialists of America banner on their way to counterprotest a Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys-related “him too” protest in downtown Portland,” reported Mike Bivins.

UPDATE: As the #HimToo rally wound down, and the Pro Trump rally goers started to leave, antifa confronted them on a street corner a few blocks away from the event. Antifa started throwing debris and explosives at the Trump supporters. Police in riot gear intervened and separated the groups.