Antifa Bombs Home of Right wing Politician

In what can only be classified as a terror attack, Antifa bombed the home of a politician who is against mass migration and anti-European Union. The Swedish politician has not been named for safety reasons.

The blast blew the door apart and sent glass flying throughout the lower level of the home. Fortunately, he and his three children who were home at the time were on the upper floor. Had they been on the lower floor, it could have been a tragedy. Antifa is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such and in Europe, where they are especially violent, they should be arrested on sight.

From The Gateway Pundit

Europol data shows that 36 people were arrested for far-left terrorism in 2017. Far-left attacks like this are severely under-reported in the mainstream media.

Here is the exclusive interview given by the victim. It has been translated from Swedish.

You were recently the victim of an explosion on your house in Sweden. Can you explain what happened, is there major damage to your property?

AfS politician: The upper part of the door with paned windows was blown up. That caused shattered glass to fly in the whole house. If any of us had been in the ground floor, we would have been injured. Me and my three children were at home.

Do we know if this attack is politically motivated, if yes, do you have any suspicion on who is behind this?

AfS politician: They sprayed the words “Nazi” and other graffiti on the sides of my car on the 22nd of March, and all the tires had punctures in them. Yes, fairly sure that it was AFA Lund (Antifa). They have also sent other things to one of my colleagues.