84-Year-Old Fired From Walmart For Asinine Reason

Frankie Ruffino, an 84-year-old Walmart employee for the last 9 years, was prompted fired from her job for taking a $1 bill she simply found on the ground… after her shift was over.

“I get off at 10 and I lock everything up. I go to the front, and there was a dollar bill laying there on the floor, right in the middle of the aisle, not in the register.”

And she even planned on turning it over to her job during her next shift.

“It was late and I still had to drive home 14 miles so I didn’t think it was going to be a problem,” she said.

She started her job back in 2008 and says she loved it, “I started there back in 2008, with my oxygen tank and walker, they never had a problem with me carrying it around. I really loved my job.”

Eventually, her manager called her in and asked about her finding money the night before… she promptly pulled out the $1 bill and handed it over just as she had planned to do anyway. She finished her shift and the next day was informed she lost her job due to her “integrity.”

“I said how am I going to push my walker and walk myself outside,” Ruffino said. “I needed the job to take care of myself.”

“I gave it my all, that’s all I can say – never came late,” she told KHOU. “I wanted to work real bad.”

“If they had told me, ‘Ms. Frankie, you’ve got to where you don’t get around, you’re on oxygen, and you’re old and we just don’t have a place for you,’ I would rather they tell me that then to tell me I don’t have any integrity.”

Nuts, huh? How many of you have found a $1 laying around and turned it in?

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