2 Middle School Girls Arrested for Murder Conspiracy

Two girls from Avon Park Middle School in Avon Park, Florida have been arrested for plotting to kill 9 of their classmates, three boys and six girls in all. They worked out how and where they would kill each and how they would dispose of the bodies.

The school had remained silent but they decided to talk after false rumors began to spread and they decided it best that the truth come out. The parents of the nine students have been notified that their children were on the list.

The school will not be releasing any more information at this time.

From NBC

A parent whose child was one of the sudents targeted spoke to WFLA 8 On Your Side about the incident. The parent said the students who were arrested were girls and had created a hit list of 10 people. Seven girls and three boys were on the list.

The list contained information about how the people on the list would be killed and where their bodies would be buried.

Javier Maldonado has a child that goes to the school and says many parents are aware of the hit list.

“I mean it’s crazy, a small town and people are getting crazy now days and especially you would think at a high school, but a middle school is pretty tough, right,” said Maldonado.

Andrew Lethbridge with the Highlands County School system says the threat is being taken very seriously.

“Students, adults, we all need to be cognizant that words matter and whether it’s in print or something that we say, it matters and we are held accountable for those words and now more than any time we just have to be cognizant and be very careful of, and threats are going to be investigated thoroughly and consequences could be given out based on what you say,” said Lethbridge.

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