WOW! Watch North Korean Soldier’s Insane Dash To South Korean Border Under Fire

A young North Korean soldier made an incredible run toward South Korea, probably to escape the insanely opposed country and heck I’m sure for some food, too.

The United Nations Command recently released CCTV video of his mad dash, under fire, with other North Korean soldiers chasing him. He was shot, and has undergone some major surgeries but thus far is alive and well.

The video details the young man driving in a jeep before having to leave it and make the run on foot. Then you see another man come up behind him and begin firing. Doctors said the soldier sustained five gunshot wounds on his right buttock, left armpit, back shoulder, right upper arm and right knee.

The United Nations Command said North Korea violated a 1953 armistice agreement when a border guard crossed the border between the two Koreas.

‘The key findings of the special investigation team are that the KPA violated the armistice agreement by one, firing weapons across the MDL, and two, by actually crossing the MDL temporarily,’ Chad Carroll, Director of Public Affairs for the UNC, told reporters.

If this isn’t enough to convince you something needs to be done about the current dictatorship in the wayward country of North Korea then nothing will!

As reported by Daily Mail:

Early in recovery, the defector reportedly communicated with doctors by blinking his eyes and changing his facial expressions, reported the South Korean newspaper Dong-a Ilbo.

Because he is showing signs of depression, he could spend several more days in intensive care.

‘As the patient is showing signs of depression due to intense psychological stress following two rounds of major surgeries, he will undergo tests for post-traumatic stress disorder,’ Lee told reporters.

‘It’s not like the patient will open his eyes and walk out of the hospital after surgery as you see in movies,’ he said.

The soldier was also found to have dozens of parasites, some as long as 10 inches, in his ruptured intestines, which may be reflective of poor nutrition and health in North Korea’s military.

‘In my over 20 year-long career as a surgeon, I have only seen something like this in a textbook,’ Lee said.

He added that the former soldier had viruses that could lead to liver cancer, and is impaired already with a number of diseases including pneumonia, sepsis and hepatitis B.

The Yonhap news agency on Tuesday cited a government official as saying that depending on medical advice, an interrogation team is expected to question the defector in four or five days’ time.

As reported by Ryan Pickrell for The Daily Caller:

The North Korean soldier has regained consciousness and is communicating with the medical staff, but conversation is limited. His first words were reportedly “Is this actually South Korea?” The medical staff hung the South Korean flag in his hospital room to comfort him and to remind him that he actually made it. The medical personnel at Ajou University Hospital where the man is receiving treatment suspect the soldier is suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In addition to revealing details about one man’s daring escape, the video shows multiple armistice violations on the part of the North Korean troops at the JSA. Not only were they carrying prohibited weapons, but they also fired and personally crossed into South Korea at the Military Demarcation Line during the incident.


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