Was Maxine Waters Drunk in This Interview? [VIDEO]

I wonder if she thinks people are taking her seriously or if she knows the more she spews her bologna the more money she’ll make? Maxine Waters is at it again with her crazy rhetoric, this times the crazy part is in her “diplomatic solution” with the North Korea issue. Yes, even as they threaten to launch at Guam.

“I want us to be very careful, and I want us to be alert to what is happening to avoid war,” she told TMZ. “And so I think we can do this with some diplomacy.”

Even going as far as to appease Kim and North Korea, essentially by ANY means necessary…

“I do believe North Korea is interesting threats but I think there are some things they want from us,” she said. “And we have to find out whether or not we can work with them on the things that they are asking for.”

“This is not the time to go bluffing or threatening,” she reiterated. “This is time for diplomacy.”

How can she seriously be this blind as to what’s ACTUALLY going on in the world? This is a country that has a long history of issuing threats to the United States and many other countries in the world. This is a country who’s current leader has been brainwashed by his father and grandfather for decades with an Anti-West ideology that holds no ground, who has to keep his countrymen underfed, overworked, and away from any glimpse of the outside world less they learn the truth and overthrow him. And honestly… that last bit sounds like a fairly good idea if you ask me.

Also I laughed just a little when the reporter asked her for her thoughts and she just repeats it back like “here are my thoughts” as if she’s either not all there or like every word she can squeeze in equals bucks.