Here’s What Really Happened At The Boston Antifa Rally [VIDEO]

This has to be more than college-level brainwashing for some of these Antifa folks… this is probably crap they learned from their parents. To see injustice where none exists. It’s really insane. No freaking respect for anyone, even our military. 

These are the sort of people I’m talking about when I say something like “if you don’t like this country then leave!”. I know it’s often seen as cliche or an easy go-to that many believe have no meaning behind but for a lot of these kids I mean it.

What if we started a GoFundMe to help with transportation and start up money to get some of these folks out of our great country but only on the terms that they renounce their American citizenship… seriously, GTFO of our country!

The Boston Antifa has been busy painting the colors of “success” during their counter-protest, truly believing they are the good guys. I decided to visit their Facebook page and they don’t even try to hide… these people are straight up freaking Commies! SERIOUSLY GTFO OUT OF THIS COUNTRY! I may have to write a story about all the malarkey I saw while there.

So a video has been released by those awesome guys over at The Daily Caller that shows you what REALLY happened… and I do believe it will piss you off. Here are some quotes from the video…

“SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” counter-protesters screamed at a Donald Trump supporter wearing an American flag around his shoulders.

“We’re not Nazis,” the man in question told The Daily Caller as he scuffled away from the mob. “We’re here to exercise our American tradition of free speech.”

He was spat on. Water was thrown on him. His Make America Great Again Hat was knocked off, twice. Nobody broke up the conflict: they were too busy filming from their smartphones like an episode of “Black Mirror.”

“YOU KILLED HEATHER [Heyer]!” someone screamed.

His companion told them that he served in the U.S. military.

“You didn’t fight for sh*t, bro,” an Antifa member yelled.