Details about the life of Congressional Shooter

I imagine we’ll be finding out more and more details about the life of James Hodgkinson, the Congressional Shooter who shot up a baseball practice, over the next few weeks and months to come.

Their relationship worsened which, if you ask me, shows a line of aggression issues that seem to stem back at least a decade. He had punched a friend of his foster daughters…

According to a neighbor… “I didn’t really talk to him too much,” Meurer said. “He was a Democrat and I was a Republican, so we didn’t have too much to talk about.”

More and more pieces of this “puzzle” are unraveling. It was even recently reported that he had a “hit list” with 6 names, this shows premeditation. He wasn’t insane, he was planning this out.

He had been staying in a van near the practice field for quite some time. Like I said, we’ll be discovering more and more of the life and death of James T. Hodgkinson over the next several weeks.

My biggest fear is that there is more to come from the alt-left extremist.

As written for Daily Wire by Robert Kraychik:

The Daily Mail reported that James Hodgkinson, the left-wing gunman who shot at Republican congressmen on Wednesday, fostered a 17-year-old girl named Wanda Ashley Stock in 1996.

Months after joining the Hodgkinson family, Stock committed suicide by dousing herself in gasoline and lighting herself on fire. Her body was found in her burned car on the side of a road.

Stock had previously attempted to commit suicide, a part of her history not known to the Hodgkinsons until after her death. The Hodgkinsons also learned that her boyfriend had recently broken up with her.

Born in 1979, she became a ward of the state of Illinois in 1984. Her biological parents terminated lawful guardianship over her. She lived in various foster care arrangements until joining the Hodgkinsons in 1996.

More details here…

Leftist Baseball Shooter’s Foster Daughter Committed Suicide In 1996

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