Biden Sends Another Round Of Troops To Sit In Europe

Old Uncle Joe has sent another group of 7,000 more U.S. troops to take up places in Europe as Russia continues its full-scale assault and invasion of Ukraine, stated the Pentagon in a release on Thursday.

In a statement sent out on Thursday, the Department of Defense announced that the troop movement was slated to bolster the U.S. commitments to its various European allies and as a warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin against the pursuing of any military actions extended past the border of Ukraine.

“At the direction of the President, Secretary of Defense [Lloyd] Austin has order the deployment to Europe of approximately 7,000 additional Service Members. This would comprise an armored brigade combat team with associated capabilities and enablers. They will deploy to Germany to reassure NATO Allies, deter Russian aggression and be prepared to support a range of requirements in the region. We expect them to depart in the coming days,” read the announcement from the Pentagon.

Russia put in place well over 200,000 soldiers around the Ukraine border before, on Thursday, initiating its full-scale assault and invasion into the former Soviet state. Numerous Russian rockets and airstrikes slammed into military installations and cities all across the country. Explosions could be seen rolling across the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, just before the ground troops of Russia surged forward in their assault on various key strategic locations such as Ukraine’s nuclear energy facility Chernobyl, and airports.

The pentagon’s announcement cropped up just a few minutes after Biden issued his new sanctions against Russia. As reported by The Daily Wire:

Biden then announced additional sanctions, as well as limitations on what can be exported to Russia, which were “purposefully designed” to “maximize impact” on Russia while minimizing impact on Western allies. These included limiting the ability of Russian groups and companies to do business in “dollars, pounds, euros and yen,” impairing Russia’s ability to compete in the “21st century economy.” Biden noted that the ruble hit its weakest level ever, and that the Russian stock market has plunged, before mentioning several large Russian banks targeted by sanctions, cutting off trillions of dollars worth of assets from the financial system.

“Every asset they have in America will be frozen,” Biden said, adding that Russian “elites” and their families would — as promised — face sanctions themselves, given that these are “people who personally gain from Kremlin’s policies,” and should therefore “share in the pain.”

As the members of the Russian military shoved their way int Ukraine on Thursday, Putin steped forward to give a speech that warned the world against taking part in the conflict. Putin issued veiled threats of nuclear response against any nation that attempted to help Ukraine. The Wire stated:

“Whoever would try to stop us and further create threats to our country, to our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and lead you to such consequences that you have never faced in your history. We are ready for any outcome,” Putin said.

He remarked that Russia “remains one of the most powerful nuclear states” with “a certain advantage in several cutting edge weapons.”

He said: “There should be no doubt that any potential aggressor will face defeat and ominous consequences should it directly attack our country.”




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