ATF, FBI, Houston Police Search Suspected Terrorist Home A Second Time

Both federal and local law enforcement officers in Houston, Texas have executed a search warrant on an upscale home in Rice University area this weekend with a team comprised of the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) entered a home to search for suspected bomb making materials.

Interestingly, this is the second time in just four years that this has happened in the same exact home.

Neighbors told Breitbart Texas this is the second time in four years this has happened at the same home. “I would never expect something like this in this neighborhood,” David King said. “I have always felt completely safe here.”

Which begs the question… why? why has it been allowed to continue? Was nothing seriously recovered during the first home search which happened way back in 2013? I should mention, too, that military-grade explosives were discovered then, too, and neighbors state that the home still belongs to the same person it did back in 2013.

As Written By Bob Price for Breitbart: 

In 2013, federal agents raided the same home searching for chemicals that could be used to make “tear gas or nerve gas,” the Houston Chronicle reported. The agents later determined the material to be a military-grade explosive.

Neighbors say the home still belongs to the same owner and it is believed the young man who was then the subject of the investigation still lives in the home.

Neighbors reported seeing surveillance vehicles monitoring the home since early Sunday morning. About 4 p.m. agents executed a search warrant and entered two homes located in the 2000 block of Abrams in the Rice University area. The Houston Chronicle reported that man’s name as then-22-year-old Andrew Cecil Earhart Schneck.

Schneck pleaded guilty to knowingly storing his explosives in 2016 and a judge sentenced him to 5 years of probation.

ATF, FBI, Houston Police Search Home for Possible Bomb-Making Material