Antifa’s New Weapon Of Choice For Protests

What’s worse? Getting into a fight or someone spraying their pee all over you? Well… if you decide to go toe-to-tie with members of Antifa… you might get both! Their new weapon of choice? Human urine…

And it’s not just against counter-protesters… nope… they’re hurling them at law enforcement as well.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

The Boston Police Department sent out a message on Twitter urging demonstrators not to assault officers with urine, but it’s unclear if it had any effect. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans stated at a press conference later that day that protesters successfully hit officers with their urine-filled projectiles.

“I’m sorry to report that we did have some bottles thrown at our officers that did have urine in it. A couple of our officers were hit with that,” Evans said. “They were hit with a lot of stuff today.”

The use of urine appears to be a trademark tactic of self-described “anti-fascist” demonstrators.

Antifa brought urine-filled projectiles to the violent clashes between white nationalists and antifa in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month. Journalists were among those hit with urine.

“Two of my producers just got sprayed with urine,” CBS News’ Katie Couric wrote on Twitter. “Lovely. Hard to keep your cool.”

Couric didn’t name which side the pee culprits were on, but reporters with The Daily Caller News Foundation witnessed far-left demonstrators launching urine-filled balloons at white nationalists.

As this past weekend’s events in Boston showed, it’s not just suspected white nationalists who get hit with urine.

Left-wing counter-protesters at a June 4 free speech rally in Portland, Oregon launched balloons filled with human urine and feces at the free speech rally-goers, the city police chief recounted in a letter to Portland’s mayor.

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