Antifa Nonsensical Reasoning For Destroying Towns Will Boil Your Blood

Antifa and the alt-left have decided to take from a Vietnam-era quote “It became necessary to destroy the town in order to save it” essentially ignoring the fact that currently Antifa states that it takes on a violent role to “protect nonviolence”…

Unlike most of the counterdemonstrators in Charlottesville and elsewhere, members of antifa have shown no qualms about using their fists, sticks or canisters of pepper spray to meet an array of right-wing antagonists whom they call a fascist threat to American democracy. As explained this week by a dozen adherents of the movement, the ascendant new right in the country requires a physical response.

“People are starting to understand that neo-Nazis don’t care if you’re quiet, you’re peaceful,” said Emily Rose Nauert, a 20-year-old antifa member who became a symbol of the movement in April when a white nationalist leader punched her in the face during a melee near the University of California, Berkeley.

“You need violence in order to protect nonviolence,” Ms. Nauert added. “That’s what’s very obviously necessary right now. It’s full-on war, basically.”

Eventually, folks, this is going to have to be answered in kind… what do you think?

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No, it really isn’t, not unless the two mobs have achieved state status. It’s full-on brawling and rioting, and there is a distinct difference. While much debate has swirled this week over whether one can draw a moral equivalency between Antifa and neo-Nazis and other white-supremacists groups, at least one fundamental equivalency cannot be denied. Both usurp the legitimate authority of the state to have a monopoly on public force in order to silence and intimidate others, which makes both equally dangerous to public safety and responsible public order.

They’ve found common cause in a lot more than that, as the record clearly shows. They aren’t interested at all in protecting non-violence. Antifa wants to use violence to achieve its own radical, extremist political ends. They don’t want to destroy the town to save it; they want to destroy the town in order to own and occupy it, and to impose its own totalitarian rule on the survivors.

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