Alt-Left Extremists Call For “Escalated” Tactics After Charlottesville

I called this MONTHS ago during the whole Milo debacle at U.C. Berkeley. It was only a matter of time before they made it more and more public and now they’re officially calling for it.

“Charlottesville is just the beginning. If the alt-right can get away with murder there, none of us will be safe. We have to stand up to white supremacists, we have to shut down and chase out these bigots every time they try to organize, or else they will kill more people,” reads one poster created by anarchist group CrimethInc, a self-described “international network of aspiring revolutionaries.”

“The police will not protect us. They murder over a thousand people every year in this country, and infiltrate and attack our demonstrations when we stand up against alt-right terror. We have to organize to defend ourselves.”

IGDFLier by Peter Hasson on Scribd

As reported by The Daily Caller:

Another anarchist group, the Revolutionary Abolition Movement, issued a statement after Charlottesville praising the far-left fighters who, along with violent white nationalists, turned Charlottesville into a literal political battlefield.

“Our fighters showed daring and a willingness to risk their own safety for the sake of others, and we hold them in the highest regard. Due to their fortitude and unwavering determination, the anti-fascists held their ground and succeeded in stopping the rally. Though we will never know exactly how many lives were saved by their actions, it is clear that without resistance to their fascist terror many more would have been harmed,” reads the statement.

“The American state is collapsing. As capitalism remains mired in crisis, its once solid position within the global order is crumbling. With ever widening cracks in the state’s foundations, those who reaped the benefits of white supremacist society and American imperialism are grasping at any last chance to maintain their position in the hierarchy it legitimates,” the statement continues.

One article by CrimethInc, prominently displayed on the front page of popular antifa website It’s Going Down, blames democracy and capitalism for the violence in Charlottesville. The article claims police are complicit in fascism and so “we must not look to the police or any other aspect of the state for deliverance.”

“It’s essential to build fighting formations capable of facing down far-right violence. Fascists love to portray themselves as victims in order to claim the right to do violence to others; their entire narrative is built around the contradiction that they are simultaneously master race and underdog, victorious and persecuted. They treat any resistance to their program as an affront to their dignity and a violation of their safe space. Nonetheless, we have to be able to stop them in their streets, because they are in the business of purveying revenge fantasies,” the article states.

“Any footage they can record of successful attacks, however cowardly, will help them recruit from their base of bullies and sadists. Because of this, it is preferable not to enter into conflict with them except when fully prepared — but at all costs, we must not let them attain control of the streets.”