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The Mexican government says that a group in Guatemala are building Molotov cocktails to use against their national police, blocking them from entering the country. They also say that some of the illegal aliens in the second caravan are carrying guns. This does not sound like refugees to me. It sounds very much like they …

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Violence broke out as the illegal immigrants from the second caravan attacked Mexican national police and immigration officials with rocks, glass bottles and fireworks. One illegal died when he was allegedly hit in the head by a rubber bullet. Mexican authorities are denying it because they say none of their people had weapons and they …

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I have a question about this. In Portland,are they referred to as dildos or as Mini Mes? I have to question their sanity. Why are they using dildos as props? Or are they bringing them for recreational purposes? Allegedly, the dildos represent people who come into Portland and not to Portland residents themselves. It is …

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A fascist is someone who attacks people who don’t agree with them, right?

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