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I could have told President Trump that it was a waste of time to sit down with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. But, I guess he had to find that out on his own. He tried to compromise but the two munchkins didn’t. His patience finally ran out and he left the room. The best …

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Rep Louie Gohmert stated the obvious when he said he can’t see President Trump winning reelection if the Wall isn’t built. He’s right, although if Trump gets a sizable portion of the wall built because then people will vote for him to make sure the wall gets built. The number one issue for GOP voters …

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The Democrats are working on 85 investigations into President Trump. Adam Schiff said they will not open all the investigations at once and they will prioritize them. But the truth is, they know they won’t go anywhere and they can drag it out by doing 5 or 6 at a time. They want to drag …

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Well, if you listen to Paul Ryan, it’s his “A Better Way” and not MAGA.

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This is why I believe that tort reform is necessary.

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Did US intelligence agencies plot to drive President Trump from office?

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The Deep State is becoming shallower every minute.

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