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The United States has announced that they have sent the aircraft carrier, the Abraham Lincoln to the Mediterranean along with a bomber task force after US intelligence said that there is a credible threat that Iran or one of its proxies was planning an attack against US forces in the region. Iran has been rattling …

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A popular far left wing site on Twitter spent the holidays threatening and doxing ICE employees and Twitter says that’s fine by them. Many people reported the site but it didn’t faze Twitter. So, if you decide to report it, call the FBI and make sure you tell them it was reported to Twitter, who …

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They refuse to say which incidents they are probing but there have been SO MANY!

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If any agent or their children are harmed as a result of Fonda’s encouragement to break the law, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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He’s working overtime to impede their investigation… we say, PRESS ON!

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Fox News broke a story that Rod Rosenstein had threatened to begin investigating House Republican staffers if they didn’t end their investigation of him. He denied the story and then called for the investigation of House Republican staffers. Yeah, I believe him, especially when he openly does what he’s been accused of. I say let’s …

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