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In what could be old news by now, the office of the IG of the DOJ said that phones belonging to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were scrubbed clean before being turned over to GOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. However, the Conservative Tribune is reporting that 20,000 additional texts were recovered from the four devices …

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Judicial Watch (JW) says that the FBI may have deleted the text messages of James Comey and Andrew McCabe. But, in case they didn’t, JW is suing the FBI for their possession. The FBI claims that they are not obligated to turn them over to anyone. That may change after the election. Trump will fire …

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The FBI fired NeverTrumper Peter Strzok, today, allegedly over his text messages with a lover, Lisa page. The FBI hasn’t released the reason for the firing yet. Perhaps it’s the same as McCabe’s. McCabe was fired for lack of candor by lying to investigators… Or maybe because of the way the Clinton investigation ended or …

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It looks like President Trump may become the solution!

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If I were the suspicious type I would believe this information was leaked now to prevent Strzok from testifying.

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