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Let’s face it, stiletto heels have no place on the battlefield. That is why President Trump has tried to ban transgenders from the military. An activist judge ruled against the ban and rather than appealing to a liberal packed Appeals Court, the president is asking the Supreme Court to take it on an expedited level. …

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex wants to add two more judges to the Supreme Court, bringing the total to 11. Of course, she wants the two new judges to be radical leftist activists, giving the Democrats complete control of the court. This idea has been raised many times since Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court. If …

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The committee will be set to vote on whether to send Kavanaugh’s case to the full Senate early next week.

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Many pundits and Media talking heads say that President Trump will find it next to impossible to get his nominee for the Supreme Court confirmed in the Senate. The Republicans hold a 51-49 advantage and of course in the event of a tie, Mike Pence would be standing by. But John McCain is unable to …

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