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The Obama deal with Iran was never in effect. All treaties must be ratified by Congress, but Obama refused to even consider putting it forth for ratification. That in itself is illegal since we gave Iran a ton of cash and lifted the sanctions. But, Obama went further than that. He spied on Israel and …

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No wonder John Brennan wants Democrats to win so badly on election day. It may mean the difference between freedom and an orange jumpsuit. A renowned investigative reporter has found out that John Brennan was illegally reading congressional emails when he headed the corrupt CIA. (It was corrupt because he headed it) Brennan was allegedly …

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Aftab Pureval’s chances have pretty much gone down the drain thanks to his campaign manager. His campaign manager Sarah Topy resigned late Tuesday  and he fired two of his staffers after it was learned that Pureval’s campaign had placed a spy in the campaign headquarters of Congressman Steve Chabot, R-Westwood. Pureval refused to go into details, but …

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If true this will surely gladden the hearts of conservatives all across the country.

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I think if anyone can get to the bottom of these deep state shenanigans it’s Nunes.

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It is no accident that all of these people trying to infiltrate Trump’s campaign or to smear his campaign workers are informants of the FBI and the DOJ. Time to drain those two swamps.

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The Deep State is becoming shallower every minute.

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