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Liberty Vittert, a statistician and member of the Royal Statistical Society, has estimated that the Democratic shut down of the government over the $5.7 billion dollars to be spent on a border wall to protect American citizens from copious amounts of drugs and criminals actually cost the country 7 times the amount the president was …

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Democrats are losing their minds over President Trump recalling some federal workers in what they are calling necessary positions. Trump has brought back some IRS workers to process refunds. He has called in air traffic workers for safety’s sake and he has brought back some workers for the  Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)  to help …

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NeverTrumper, Donny Deutsch is melting down as he watches the Democrats lose the border wall government shut down battle. He can’t believe that two old pros like Pelosi and Schumer let themselves get owned by newcomer President Trump. They are losing so badly that members of their caucuses are deserting them and publicly announcing that …

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He could ask SCOTUS for a stay. but would it work after reading this?

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